Obesity (a sickness that can cause more diseases) rates in Mexico are skyrocketing due to bad eating habits, like insufficient fruits and vegetables, and excessive amounts of processed foods. We are the country that consumes most carbonated drinks worldwide, and the sixth that spends most money on fast food. These are alarming statistics since, according to a WHO report, the consumption of processed and ultra-processed foods contribute to a deterioration of our physical and mental health.

“We are what we eat”. This saying could not say it clearer. The relationship between our diet and our physical and mental wellbeing has been proven by countless scientific reports. A balanced diet doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy diet. A healthy diet also requires having access to healthy food that is not harmful for the environment. In Oleadas de Luz we want to promote access to healthy and quality food for those who need it the most through:

  • Home orchards: A healthy diet starts at home. With the current high prices and inaccessibility of organic and healthy products, home orchards are a great alternative that contribute to the diet, the education of family members, and it also helps us reconnect with nature.
  • Community Gardens: Growing collectively allows all homes to have access to healthy food and it promotes a solidarity-based economy. These gardens are a great combination for home gardens, allowing for a more local farming and a larger growing space for every home..
  • Healthy cooking workshops