Environmental Care

The degradation of the environment and global warming are one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Apart from the well-known consequences they bring, like the loss of biodiversity and the rising sea levels, the consequences on our health are not to be overlooked.

A healthy environment is a key element for the wellbeing of the population. The degradation of our environment is obvious, and many scientists are warning that the consequences are already unavoidable, and that they could turn devastating if we don’t make significant changes in our way of life. Like always, the most vulnerable people to these changes are people with low income that don’t have many resources to adapt to the situation. In Oleadas de Luz we consider that the conservation of the environment is everyone’s responsibility and we seek to recover and strengthen actions at a family level that interact positively with our natural goods.

  • Recycling: Recycling means to process a material so that it can be reused. This helps to reduce resource consumption and the degradation of our planet.
  • Let’s compost: Compost is a mixture of organic material in such a way that they decompose. The final product is used as a fertilizer and to improve soil quality..
  • Dry bathrooms: It is an ecological bathroom that doesn’t use running water, which saves a significant amount of this resource and helps avoid water contamination. This system relies in composting (aerobic fermentation) and dehydration to decompose fecal matter. After six months, the composted feces are safe to be used as manure or disposed in nature without creating health risks.
  • Permaculture: They are ethical principles for environmental planning, development, management, organization, and preservation. The main focus of permaculture is the production of food, renewable energies, and an environmental, social, and economical sustainable management of resources. A permaculture habitat is a system where human beings coexist with animals and plants respecting and benefiting from each other.