Express Yourself

Physical and emotional health are basic requirements to have a fulfilling life. However, the number of mental illnesses is growing. Depression and anxiety have increased worldwide by 18% and 15% respectively in the last 14 years[1].

[1] World Health Organization

In Oleadas de Luz we want to contribute to prevent these illnesses by providing social spaces where people can canalize their emotions and can work on a healthy mental stability through artistic expression and exercise.

  • Art classes: Many studies suggest that art helps overcome traumatic situations and experiences, and contribute to our mental stability.
  • Yoga: The word Yoga means UNION, of the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga’s objective is our total liberation and health.
  • Dance: Dance is art in movement, as well as a social and leisure activity.
  • Promoting sports and exercise amongst all ages, which benefits psychological development and fitness.
  • Sexual Education for Girls and Women: When a girl or teenager knows how her biorhythm works, and how she can take full advantage of it, her whole reality changes. Girls who recognize their body from a young age have less risk of having an early pregnancy or being sexually abused.