Our previous work / where we come from

Some years ago, a group of women were raising awareness in the community through long swims in open waters about the importance of prompt cancer detection and treatment. These crossings were named “Por Ellas…Brazadas en Pro de la Prevención del Cáncer”. Later they invited the swimmer’s community to participate in recollecting funds for a variety of causes, and thus becoming the first sporting event of the country focused on supporting the most vulnerable people of society. We became “Swimmers with a cause”.

All collected funds have been allocated to support prompt cancer detection in women and children through our alliances with Mujeres Activas A.C., and later with “Sudcalifornia contra el Cáncer Infantil A.C. Today”. Now, through Oleadas de Luz A.C., we have extended our perseverance by looking at a bigger picture and promoting human development, wellbeing, and education for.